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Come on, you were curious, too…

Not sure if you knew, but Gilbert Godfried got canned as the voice of the Aflac duck. So they found a new one. Who on earth has the voice to take over for ol Gilbert? This guy:

I was a little underwhelmed. But it works.


At least we all agree on what’s important – Cheerios and TV.

A very interesting article on the most favorable brands among Democrats and Republicans from Adage.

Electrolux – The Art of Performance

So pretty!

When artist Tobias Allanson was commissioned to illustrate Ergorapido’s performance in real-life situations, he decided to create a kinetic sculpture using a real Ergorapido vacuum cleaner. His sculpture showcases Ergorapido’s effective dust pick-up, manoeuvrability, LED headlights and 2-in-1 function in four situations in the home environment. The sculpture was also filmed and can be seen below.

If only the vacuum came with that little hand robot…