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The Wheel of Time

Almost all of my inner nerds are in a tizzy right now – this just came up on my Google Reader:

This is the Wheel of Time, from the series by Robert Jordan of the same name. And it’s been embroidered.

For more embroidered goodness, add Spool Spectrum to your Google Reader.

In other news, maybe I’ll start posting more than once a quarter.


Google Art Project

Ok, so I’m a little behind the 8 ball on this one…

Google is doing for art what Project Gutenberg did for books – making the classics that reside in museums accessible to the public through the power of the internet. Art Project allows users to view museums and galleries from around the world, even allowing you to zoom in on paintings. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a dent this is going to put in my general productivity…

Users can navigate the rooms with the same ease as the street navigation on Google Maps – which is to say, not a whole lot of ease, but it works.

The only downer about this whole thing is that currently, only a few sections of each museum are open for viewing. And that’s really not a downer at all, because it’s still awesome, and I’m assuming that soon we’ll be able to view more sections of more museums!

Look Ma! I’m at the MOMA!

Hirsute History

We were having a conversation a while ago about the many ways to say something was hairy, and among the adjectives were bewhiskered, barbate, and hirsute.

That being said, Hirsute History has some seriously awesome T-shirts for sale. I’m also a bit of a fan of their site design.

I heart Charles, Frida, Salvador and Vincent.

Art imitates life…

Following in the vein of the Museum of Modern Tweets comes more web art – this time, watercolors of Google searches. A little less literal then the Museum of Modern Tweetss, Ken Solomon creates watercolors of Google image search results for artists, which are both revealing of how our culture perceives these artists and super awesome.

Art Update

After 4 hours, my art has gotten much more complicated:

The start menu isn’t getting much love…

Make art without trying!

This falls under the “why didn’t I think of that?” category.

Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov and Andrey Shipilov developed this app that tracks where your mouse goes on your desktop, and how long it rests for. Just download the app and let it run while you do your business, and in a short while you have a one-of-a-kind piece of modern art.

This is what I did in 17.6 minutes earlier today:

Too cool. Just try to leave the window minimized for more then 10 minutes – I bet you can’t do it without peeking.

Got these patterns to adorn my pillows from Sublime Stitching. These are definitely the hippest patterns I’ve seen – no geese or teddy bears in sight! I think I’m going to tackle the sexy librarian pattern next…