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From the photo archives…

A view of the ocean from Freeport, ME – Summer 2009


Google Art Project

Ok, so I’m a little behind the 8 ball on this one…

Google is doing for art what Project Gutenberg did for books – making the classics that reside in museums accessible to the public through the power of the internet. Art Project allows users to view museums and galleries from around the world, even allowing you to zoom in on paintings. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a dent this is going to put in my general productivity…

Users can navigate the rooms with the same ease as the street navigation on Google Maps – which is to say, not a whole lot of ease, but it works.

The only downer about this whole thing is that currently, only a few sections of each museum are open for viewing. And that’s really not a downer at all, because it’s still awesome, and I’m assuming that soon we’ll be able to view more sections of more museums!

Look Ma! I’m at the MOMA!

Road Trip Day 5

Portland, OR to Arcata, CA

Road Trip Day 4

Portland, OR

Road Trip Day 3

Road Trip Day 2

Road Trip Day 1

I have the rest of the pics up on Facebook, for those of you that know me there. I decided just to put up some snippets 🙂

Space NeedlePeppers!Is it art?View from the Sapce Needle