“Suddenly, the World is their Market”

Here it is – proof that you can work for yourself and make plenty of money to live on – all you need is THE INTERNET.


The NY Times did a great little piece on artists making a living selling their wares online.


Things to come…

I’ve been furiously embroidering for a couple weeks now, and hopefully after this weekend I’ll be ready to put a new line up on etsy. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek for your eyeballs:



Luscious libraries, lit, and alliteration

Flavorwire did a post on libraries of the rich and famous, and some of them are mighty impressive.

Look, rich and famous people, these libraries are great and all, but talk to me when you’ve accomplished this:

The beast had a beast of a library


In other news, I wanted to stick a blurb in here about Cram Magazine. As I’ve said before, it’s a project that I’ve been working on with Jesus. We’ve extended the submission deadline to January 31st, and I know a lot of you are super creative and talented, and have not yet submit your work to Cram. We’ve gotten some amazing submissions, and are looking forward to even more. Help us make our first issue completely awesome and inspirational – check out this page for submission information.


In other other news, speaking of libraries, you should check out the site Bookshelf Porn. It’s not what you think, I promise. SFW.

I’d rock it

Some amazingly designed rings from nOir Jewelry. I may be biased because these are shiny and sparkley (so I inherently love them), but seriously, who wouldn’t want a gem studded octopus with hot pink eyes on their finger?

Not me. (dub neg).

Road Trip Day 5

Portland, OR to Arcata, CA

Road Trip Day 4

Portland, OR

Road Trip Day 3