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Issue 1 of Cram Magazine Announced!

We’ve finally published issue 1 of Cram Magazine! Go here to check out the official announcement.

We are incredibly happy to finally announce the release of Cram Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 1. It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve learned a lot along the way, and we hope that you’ll get as much out of reading it as we have out of putting it together.

We’ve met some very talented creatives along our journey, and want to thank you all for sharing your craft with us. Our Staff and Contributors page has been updated to showcase the many wonderful people who helped us populate Cram with such brainy, artsy goodness.

Unfortunately, due to lack of financial backing, we will not be able to print the magazine this time around. However, it is available for viewing and download through Issuu. We would like to print Issue 2, and are currently working on fundraising to make that happen.

Thank you again for your creativity and support! Keep Cramming!